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The Love Project

Holdable Version

Holdable + Decor Giver Version

Let’s Start a Fight!

The Love Project


The Pillow FightSlapper System” works as a stand-alone or paired with the Body Expression Slapper System (Add your moan sounds to personalize your experience and many more possible interactions).
Decor version Includes both: Decor Pillow (rezzed giver/connection totem) & Hand Pillow (attached).

The Crooked Straight


Pillow Fight


Let's Burn It All


Let's Burn It All
Blue Red


Let's Burn It All

Pillow Fight - Pack 02

The Love Project

Pillow Fight - Holdable - Fatpack - [Chris Two Designs].png

Holdable Version

Pillow Fight - Decor - Fatpack - [Chris Two Designs].png

Holdable + Decor Giver Version


PillowFIght-Long (5).png


PillowFIght-Long (6).png

Steam Punkster

One Year Later

PillowFIght-Long (7).png
PillowFIght-Long (8).png

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On Event




  • Every time you HIT another Avatar, the Pillow Plays Sounds and Particles (VFX)

  • Pillow Fight Hand Version:

    • Attach your pillow (Object attaches to the Right Hand)

    • Position the pillow properly on your hand

    • LeftClick anywhere without any players in front of you to do a Flip Play

    • LeftClick close to someone (In front or Behind) to hit them!

    • LeftClick your attached Pillow to open the Menu

    • With the DropDown Menu open, press the first option to "Resize" your pillow

    • Suppose you would like to share a TO-SHARE Pillow so your friends can Fight you. Press any of the numbers buttons in the Dropdown Menu to send the TO-SHARE UNPACKER to your friends.

      • After your friend Unpacks their TO-SHARE, Unpack "Pillow Fight Hand-ToShare-Unpack- [Chris Two Designs]". Now in the Unpacker folder, attach the item "Pillow Fight - Hand ToShare - [Chris Two Designs]" (Pillow Fight Owners don't need to attach the TO-SHARE Pillow)

      • After attached, the TO-SHARE Pillow will stay invisible on your friend's RightHand

      • To make the TO-SHARE Pillow appear, your friend wearing it needs to click on any of the Bought products (Pillow Fight - Hand / Pillow Fight Decor).

  • TO SHARE PILLOWs will only stay visible at a 20m distance from the Pillow Fight Hand or Decor.

  • Pillow Fight Decor Version:

    • This version comes with Two types of Pillows, the Decor version with LOW Land Impact (3) so you can Rez it anywhere, like on top of your Couch, and it Includes the Hand Version that you will be wearing to Carry your Pillow Around.

    • You can share the TO-SHARE Pillow from both products' Menu, click on one of the Pillows and select your friend's name to send the TO-SHARE Unpacker.

    • Only the OWNERs of the product can SHARE a TO-SHARE Pillow using the Menu. So to have any friend playing whenever you aren't Online, remember to share a TO-SHARE Pillow Fight with them prior to logging off.

How it Works?

Video Tutorial: