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Body Expressions Interactive Slapper



It is time to start interacting with your friends on another LEVEL!

With the Body Expressions Interactive Slapper System - [Chris Two Designs], you have 74 Actions and Reactions to be used with the shortcuts HUD.


Friends who haven't bought the product can still interact with you with our FREE Gestures Pack!

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  •  Expressions + Interactions

Kiss: 3 Anims 

Kick: 4 Anims  + Combo

Hug: 3 Anims 

Slap: 10 Anims + Combo

Punch: 6 Anims + Combo

Yawning: 3 Anims 

Sneezing: 3 Anims 

Coughing: 4 Anims 

Scratching: 6 Anims 

Middle Finger: 2 Anims  + Combo

Pull Beard/Hair: 2 + 2 Anims 

Bone Cracking: 7 Anims  


 With the FREE Gestures Pack, you can interact with your friends that Own the Body Expressions Interactive Slapper & Body Interactions Slapper / Puncher Systems.


 The Body Expressions Interactive System is retro compatible with the

Body Interactions Slapper Puncher System - [Chris Two Designs] minus a couple of new features included.

  • Reactions: 21 Anims spread to all categories 

  • Set Gender on Menu

  • Add your own SFXs to the Reactions (by dropping the UUID notecard inside the Reactions item)

  • Send Gesture Pack to your friends so they can interact with you 

How it Works?

Video Tutorial: