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How To Buy [Chris Two Designs] Products


To start this journey, first, you need to go to Create an Account and choose your Avatar Name.

Welcome to SL

Like the more broadly known The Sims, Second Life's entire ecosystem is created around the Avatars.
You can
Create, Edit, Save your body shape, and add every type of accessory possible to come up with an Avatar that fits your body type.

Getting started AV

Nowadays, every element of the Avatar is a Product created by us, the Creators of Second Life.
As the example shows,
you can buy products to attach to every part of your body, like Skin, Hair, Jewellery, Body Modifications, The Body Itself, Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, and so much more.

SL Brands

Most Second Life Brands sell their product in many ways, and the most important one is the "Physical Store inside Second Life", where your customers visit and buy your new/past items.

SL InWorld Stores

 CLOSE-UP TOP VIEW of [Chris Two Designs]'s "Physical Shop" in perspective with the Avatar Size.

CTwoD Close-Up View

TOP VIEW of [Chris Two Designs]'s ENTIRE "Physical Shop" in perspective with the Avatar Size.

CTwoD Top Far View

TOP VIEW of [Chris Two Designs]'s ENTIRE ISLAND with its "Physical Shop" in perspective with the Avatar Size.

SL World Map Close-Up

CLOSE-UP VIEW of the Second Life's WORLD MAP with the [Chris Two Designs] ISLAND + a Neighbour (disconnected) island.

SL World Map

FAR AWAY VIEW of the Second Life's WORLD MAP with the [Chris Two Designs] ISLAND + many other (disconnected) islands + Continent.

CTwoD FullSim Store

"Coming back to Earth" we have the [Chris Two Designs]'s FullSim Shop, created to be the OCTOPOUS'S PLAYGROUND
Store/Island was created with a behind-the-scenes story:
Where many Octopuses live here, going inside the middle tube to the top of the Store and Jumping for funzies, making their favourite living environment.

A place that customers can visit and explore to see the vast structures and elements that composes the [Chris Two Designs]'s FULL SIM in-world Store Shopping Experience.

Our Symbols / Elements

The Octopus: First and foremost, why an Octopus
The Octopus is an extraordinary, SO SMART creature with many abilities, like camouflage, hunting, and escaping. It's very organic and, at the same time, has a perfect eight pattern with its legs (a characteristic that comforts me), connecting with the memory of my late grandfather, a Marine, during his youth back in Spain. So I decided to get a Tattoo in his memory, combining my gramps and the Octopus as a symbol/element that I use and carry around with me.

CTwoD Experience

Welcome to the [Chris Two Designs] shop! 

CTwoD Interior 1

Our ever-changing and evolving interior!

CTwoD Interior 1

Our ever-changing and evolving interior!

CTwoD Interior 2

At the entrance, you can find our Event Stands with our newest products and the Event Landmark so you can grab the product in the Event.

New Product Display Start

When you arrive at the Event, it works like a Real Life Booth Convention. You have many Brands, each with its own Booth Space. You must walk or zoom in at the [Chris Two Designs] Booth.

SL Events / Fairs

Now at the [Chris Two Designs] Booth, you can check the many options if you haven't yet, and make your purchase.

SL Event Booth

The Event Display is active for one month. After that period, the product returns to the Shop, and the Instore Display is Activated.

New Product Display End

As soon as the product is back at the Store, it also gets added to our SLMarketplace Shop.

SL Marketplace
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