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Firebolt Broom - Run/Fly SpeedBooster

Why go slow when you can go Firebolt Speed?

Experience the amazing Run/Fly SpeedBooster, with 9 Bento Animations, SFX, Particle and Visual Effects with Colour Picker to personalize to your colour of choice.

Firebolt Broom:

   • Two SpeedBost modes, SL Run & Togglable, combined with a large visual effect sphere around you. 


   • Control everything in your Broom, Size, Colour, Speed, and more

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How it Works?

Video Tutorial:

  • Always-ON: ON

- When this button shows GREEN, the Firebolt Broom will always be ON so that you can stay sitting in your Broom (in this mode, you can go SLOW [Walk Speed] with your Broom, and to go fast, simply double tap on the forward walk button).

  • Always-ON: Off

- When this button shows White, the Firebolt Broom will only appear when you RUN (by double-tapping the forward walk button), so if your avatar is walking, jumping, flying, the Firebolt won't be visible.


  • Resize:

- By Clicking on the resize button, you can change the size of your Firebolt Broom to fit your Avatar Size better.

  • Speed:

- From slow to Very Fast, select the Broom fly speed

  • Effects:

- Particles: Turn Off to remove the particles that tray behind the Broom when in BOOST Mode
- Visual: Turn Off to remove the Large visual effect that appears around the Broom when in BOOST Mode

  • Special Effects: Colour Changer:

- Use the selector to change the colour of your Particles and Visual Effects; after selection, click on the Apply this Colour button to have your selected colour applied


- WARNING: To activate this mode, you need to start the included Gesture "[Chris Two Designs] Broom Boost Gesture [Space Bar]".
- The Gesture is set to use the SPACE BAR as a trigger for the BOOST MODE; if you would like to change the trigger/hotkey, please do so.

- Wearing your Firebolt Broom, you press SPACE BAR to trigger the BOOST MODE, which goes on the highest Speed.


  • User / Navigation Guide:

- For a better experience flying, go to the Preferences menu (Ctrl + P or Avatar>Preferences), then go to Move & View tab/ them go to Movement and activate the option "Pressing letter keys affects movement (i.e. WASD) instead of starting nearby chat". With that option on, you can now walk with WASD.

- By Pressing E/PageUP + SPACE BAR, you will fly Up to the skies without stopping. Press the Space bar again to Stop. Press them C/PageDown, and after 2 seconds, press SPACE BAR again to fly without stopping DOWN.
- When flying forward pressing W/UP Arrow, at any time press the SPACE BAR to activate the BOOST MODE, together with W/UP Arrow press E/PageUP to fly Forward + Upwards.
- When flying forward pressing W/UP Arrow, at any time press the SPACE BAR to activate the BOOST MODE, together with W/UP Arrow press C/PageDOWN to fly Forward + DOWNwards.'

- SAFETY BREAKS: The S/Down Arrow will be your break, so whenever you need to stop, press them.



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