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LVLs 1 to 100!

Every successful Puff increase EXP 

Every 10 LVLs, you get better with your Vape,

unlocking features like:

  • Every Puff increase EXP

  • Longer Inhales

  • Decrease the chance of Coughing

  • Increase Smoke Rings


Let’s LVL Up the Experience & Share it with our Friends!

Use it to LVL Up & increase your smoke abilities.  

Universal Emoji HUD v2.0

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Particle Effects:
    - Self-
Explode: This option explodes particles from the centre, going away from the Avatar and coming back to its start
    - Set
Target: This option opens the Dropdown Menu to select the Avatar you will send particles to or Reset it to yourself with the Clear option.
    - Set
Target ->
        - 1:
Explode particles like a sprinkle from the top of your head and upwards
        - 2: Create a 6m Sphere of emojis around your Avatar
        - 3: Make Emojis Rain from the skies
    - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9: By clicking on each of the 9 Emoji spaces it will create a blue circle around it. That circle means you have selected that specific Emoji Space to be changed with the Emoji Chart.
Emoji 1 is the Center Emoji. It will be the Emoji sent to your friends when they are the Target
Chart - Pages 1~6:
Select your
Emoji Spots (Blue Circles) and start selecting your emojis from the chart to populate them and display them on top of your head.

Emoji HUD - Page 7
If you purchased the
Cyber Bracelet - [Chris Two Designs], use this page to change the Neon Colours, Flicker Speed, If the Bracelet is Always open or if it Closes.

How it Works?

Video Tutorial: