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Trick or Treats - Bucket Dispenser

Share 4 eatable Chocs. with your friends!

Get Tricked by the explosive chocolate!

Bucket Dispenser (L):

   • Rezz on your land to give out 1 Choc.

Chocolate (R):

   • 4 different types of Chocolates: Dumbies, KittyKats, Half and 

     Decaff Soggy + a TRICK MODE that will explode on your face

OBS: By clicking and holding for 3 seconds on the dispenser, you can access the security menu, to them add restrictions to who can get chocolates.

Click Here to get teleported:

The product is now available In-Store

On Event



How it Works?

Trick or Treats - Pumpkin / Bucket / Pumpkin Dispenser /  Bucket Dispenser:

   • These are four separate Items Sold inside Second Life

   • Holdables: Trick or Treats - Pumpkin & Bucket

   • Rezzable: Trick or Treats - Pumpkin & Bucket Dispenser

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