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Here or there, now EVERYWHERE!


We are now bringing every dimension inside Second Life a little closer to you, just a PORTAL away!

With this item, you all will be able to have programable Landmark Shortcuts that when you use to get teleported, you will shoot a portal to the floor and come out of it on the other land 

Tele-Portal Gun

It also includes a TP Hammer mode.

Aren't you tired of trying to get inside your favourite lands when it is full? No problem, activate the TP Hammer Mode, and you will constantly try to teleport until you get in

Everything with detailed Bento Animations, Sound and Visual Effects is HUD controlled for ease of use!

Click Here to get teleported:

The product is now available In-Store

On Event



• Setting / Configuration / User Guide: 

• How to ADD new Landmarks to your HUD:
- RIGHT-CLICK on your HUD, navigate to the "Content" tab, and now drag and drop the Landmarks from your inventory to the HUD Content.


• How to REMOVE Landmarks from your HUD:
- LEFT-CLICK the Settings Button, and then on the Blue Dropdown Menu, select "LANDMARKS", them, "DELETE ALL" or "SELECTION", with the selection button, you can delete specific Landmarks.


• Shortcut Buttons:
      - TelePort 01~05: These are *5 Shortcut buttons* where you will access your Landmarks
      - LEFT-CLICK on the Shortcut buttons, and you will be teleported to the Landmark that was set.

• Check Button:
      - Check Buttons: LEFT-CLICK the button, and it will turn GREEN, with that LEFT-CLICK on the "TelePort 01~05 button" to set which LANDMARK will be set to the specific button.

• TP to Avatar Button:
      - LEFT-CLICK the button on the Dropdown Menu and select which person in the SIM you would like to Teleport To.
Restart Arrow Button: By clicking on the button, you will be teleported beside the same person you selected previously.

• Front Portal:
      - This option can be turned OFF on the Switch Button and will try to Open a Tele-Portal in front of you and close with a fart sound. It will fail.

• Visible Gun:
      - This option can be turned OFF on the Switch Button, and when OFF during every action ("Front Portal" or "Botton Portal"), the avatar will grab the Tele-Portal Gun from the back pocket and will shoot the portal and put it away again.

• Disturb Mode:
      - Turning this option ON, the avatar will keep pressing the Tele-Portal Gun Button, making a clicking noise every time.

If you click on the arrow beside the Tp To Avatar button, you will get teleported to the last avatar selected.

How it Works?

Video Tutorial:


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