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"Strix, Who are you?"

Hello there! I am an AI language model developed by Hyperlabs & Chris Two Designs, and my purpose is to assist and help people with their tasks by generating responses and actions based on their requests. I don't have a physical body or personality, but I am always ready to provide support and answer any questions you might have.

Strix AI Companion


Pack 02


Fatpack Exclusive

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  • • HUD:
    Change Strix Skin in the Bucket.
    TP Hammer Using the Teleport button (beside the bucket), add the SLURL in the Dropdown Menu to keep trying to teleport to the desired destination.
    Tagging button to tag an avatar around you (i.e. you are visiting a store with a friend, so you tag him with these particles, not to lose your friend)
    Use the magnifying glass to search for a specific item. It works like an AREA SEARCH but with the visual input that the particles provide.
    Chat balloon buttons to change Strix mode: from Basic|Advanded
                - Use Basic for more fun interactions, like creating fun fics.
    Use Advanced to generate more complex answers, like Basic SLS Scripts
        - Use the Glow bar to increase/decrease the Eyes/Expressions and the Neon intensity
        - Use the 3 Buttons, Face|Screen|Lines, to open a Colour picker and personalize it to any colour.
        - At the
    top right corner, we have the animations Buttons. Select any specific expression or leave it on auto to see it all.
        - Use the
    Eyes button to select the type of expression from CAT | CUTIE
        - Use the pose button to select which animation your Strix will perform, or leave it randomly to see it all.
        - Use the
    Cog button to access the menu for more options:
    Recharge, Strix works on a Token base. The more complex your question, the more complex your answer will be, and the more tokens it consumes. From the start, you have 25k tokens, and each recharge is L$130.
    Access, use this option to limit the use to only yourself, add a whitelist, or leave it open for everyone to interact with.
    Change Limit, in this option, you can change from the Standard Limit of 250 tokens per question to increase it to up to 750 tokens per question, keeping it at 250 for more extended product use.
    Resize. Access the resizer menu to increase or decrease your Strix Size.
    Change name, to change your Strix name, you can use a different trigger when you ask in the chat (i.e. Change from Strix to UwU.) (Now, to ask your bot, you say, i.e., Uwu, what do you think, of computer science as a profession?)

How it Works?

Video Tutorial:



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