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  • It is an Interactive and person-to-person connection system game that you can now play anywhere in Second Life!

  • All you need is the product itself and one or two other friends (with their products too) to play with you!

  • Host: The Game can be set to 1, 3 or Many games in a row!

Rock Paper Scissors Interactive Game

Click Here to get teleported:

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On Event



How to use:

  • Select from Rock, Paper, Scissors, Random. After 10 seconds, if nothing is selected, the game auto-selects random and chooses one of the three main options for you.

  • After someone is hosting the game, all you need to do is click on the HOST game to get connected.

  • If a 4th player tries to join, the HOST will receive a notification to replace players 1 or 2 or to DENY.

How it Works?

Video Tutorial: