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The Powerful Teleporter is a set of visual effects that can make you feel like a superhero when arriving or departing via teleportation. You will jump and smash the floor, accompanied by flying rocks, smoke particles, and sound effects. It also works as a TP hammer, storing all your favourite landmarks or using our latest SLURL to TP option.

Powerful Teleporter

Grey Rocks

Orange Rocks

Yellow Rocks

Iridescent Rocks

Pink Rocks

Aqua Rocks


Click Here to get teleported:

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How it Works?

Objects to attach:

- Powerful Teleporter - Rocks - [Chris Two Designs]
Powerful Teleporter - HUD - [Chris Two Designs]


After attaching your HUD, accept the requested permission, or you won't be able to add Landmarks to the HUD's Content.

  • The first three buttons are the Maximize, Minimize and Detach buttons.

  • TP Buttons from 1~12: With your Landmark already inside the HUD and Set to one of the 12 buttons, click on that TP button to teleport to the Landmark set.

  • Under each of the 12 TP buttons, there is the Landmark ADD/REMOVE button. When clicked, it turns RED, indicating the Landmark that is Set to that specific TP button, and right after clicking and turning the button red, go ahead and click at the TP Button to them receive the Dropdown menu to set a NEW Landmark from inside the HUD to be the one Set to that specific TP Button.

  • TP AV Button, when you click, it opens the Dropdown menu with the names of people around you so that you can do a TP TO, to that person.

  • Rotating Arrow Button, when clicked, will TP your avatar to the last avatar set by the TP AV Button. If no AVs are selected, you will teleport to the first place you arrived at your current SIM. If the land uses Landing Point, this option will teleport you to the Landing Point instead.

  • SLURL Button, use the Dropdown Menu to insert your SLURL to start the TP Hammer Option.

  • Hammer Button, select the Hammer Button that will turn Green, and then choose any of the Landmark TP Buttons to start the TP Hammer Process to your desired Landmark.

  • AFK Button, select it to stay on an Idle Cycle, with levitating rocks around you.

  • Visible Rocks, use this option to keep the rocks under your feet constantly visible.

  • Settings Button, this button will open a Dropdown Menu where you can Turn ON/OFF the SFX, or you can click on LANDMARK, to open the menu where you can select ALL the Landmarks from the HUD's Content or just a specific one.

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