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Pickle Me Up

Pickles from another dimension

are now available in Second Life!
They are tasty, slippery and noisy, so beware, when the Jar is left open, your Pickles will SCREAM!

Share a Pickle with your friends!

Easy and simple, share a Pickle Prop with your friends, and after that, they can start eating with you!

Click Here to get teleported:

The product is now available In-Store

On Event


  • Eat pickles from another dimension!

  • The Pickle Me Up Jar comes with 5 unique Pickles!

  • BEWARE! If left open, Pickles will Scream

  • Each pickle is eaten in 2 bites!

  • When empty, a New Jar appears from the Portal.

  • When bumped, the Jar falls to the floor (requires rez rights).

You must first Unpack them and wear the Hand Pickle and the Pickle Jar to use this item

By clicking on the Pickle Jar, you can open the menu to access all the functions.
Anim type / Timer / Bumper / Resize / Sound / Share Pickle / Grab Pickle.

How it Works?

Video Tutorial:


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