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Are you ready to start talking on the phone, texting your friends, "using social media", porn, and many other APPs?

Working In collaboration with DOUX's ChrisTwo Hair, the MyPhone 13 Doux Max will switch hairstyles and accessories ON/OFF while in DOUX Selfie Mode.

MyPhone 13 Doux Max

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The product is now available In-Store

On Event


  • 8 Colours: Pink, Blueish, Early Night, FuckOff Red, Graphite, Gold, Silver, Valley Blue

  • 15 Phone Screens, 12 are Animated


  • 32 Bento Animations Fem/Masc (Stands, Typing, Taking selfies, etc...)

  • 13 Sound Effects (Including Male and Female voices, ringtone, unlock sound, typing sound, msg sent, call denied, game sfx, etc...)

  • 1 Phone Case (Silver Clear Silicone) + 1 Mag Wallet (Black Leather)

  • HUD Controlled: Watch the video tutorial for all Functions!

  • Resize, Gender selector, Case | MagWallet On/Off, Sound Mode, Apps, Animations, Personalization, Delay, etc. 

It also works with:

  • Universal Emoji HUD that contains 245 different emojis

- Particle System: 

Send flying Emojis to your friends using the Universal Emoji HUD + the MyPhone 13 Series

  • In collaboration with Doux, we also bring: 

- The MyEraHat 13 - fits on Doux's ChrisTwo Hair XS! And the new Doux Selfie Mode in the MyPhone 13 Doux Max - interacts with the ChrisTwoHair / Hat / MyEraHat13 changing the hairstyle and accessories on/off.

How it Works?

Video Tutorial:


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