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Streamer Glasses + Hat - [Chris Two Designs].png
  • An Amazing Streamer Glasses to "take pictures" of your friends while the glasses are on Your Face!

  • With a cool animation cycle, you will move the Glasses from your Face to your hand, hat, and back!

  • Soooooooo many colours / textures / patterns / lenses / animated lenses to use with your Streamer SET.

MyEra Streamer Glasses + Hat

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How to use:

  • Mix & Match All Colours

  • The MyEra Streamer Glasses Includes: 

 - 9x GIF Animated Lenses, 9x Lenses, 9x Frames, 9x Legs colours


  • The MyEra Streamer Hat (Unrigged) Includes

- 9x Hats, 9x Visors, 9x Tip colours

  • Streamer Mode:

- When Clicking on the floor, your glasses "take pictures" with a flash SFX and VFX

- Move your MyEra Streamer Glasses from your Face to your hand, them to your hat and back in an animated random Bento Cycle.
-Set Cycle Delay on the HUD

How it Works?

Video Tutorial:


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