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  • Working Digital Watch: Use with SL Time or Your Time Zone 

  • 6 Animated Watch Faces: GIF Style, with 10 colour options 

  • 6 Interactive Actions: All interactions include Anim. and or SFX.

  • 6 Watch Colours: Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Red, Blue

  • Numbers: 10 colour options 

MapleWatch Series 6

  • 2 Bands: Black and White Loop Bands

  • Sound Effects (Including Male and Female voices, ringtone, notification, etc...)

MapleWatch Series 6 - Bands

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On Event


  • HUD Controlled:

- Control Sound Mode (On / Silent / Vibration)

- Resize activated on HUD

- Choose the MapleWatch Colour

- Control Animation Interval time

- Turn (On/Off) each animation

- Force an Animation Interval time

- You can also tell the Watch to execute an 

  specific animation at any time 

How it Works?

Video Tutorial:


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