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It's time to fly, my little friend. Find new homes, new friends new adventures!

Choose from 5 flying positions where your Hummingbird will stay at all times, or wait for a couple of seconds during the cycle, passing through all steps.

Hummingbird - Animesh

Hummingbird Bright Fatpack

Hummingbird Dark Fatpack

Monster Pack

The Monster Pack includes all 22 Hummingbird Colours and all 10 Hummingbird Eyes from the Bright and Dark Fatpacks with the added ability to cycle through all colours.

Hummingbird Animesh - Gold - [Chris Two Designs].png
Hummingbird - Animesh - Silver - [Chris Two Designs].png
Hummingbird Animesh -Bronze - [Chris Two Designs].png

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  • 22x Hummingbird Colours

    •  Lock to a specific Model or use Auto to pass through all colours with a magical glow effect.

  • 11x Hummingbird Eyes

    • Lock to a specific Model or use Auto to pass through all colours with a magical glow effect.

  • Our flying path is BENTO animated, so your Particle trail can always follow your Hummingbird!

  • 6x Particle Trail that appears during the flying cycles.

  • You can choose your Hummingbird's position from 5 different pre-defined positions.

  • Keep Flying / On your Head or Auto, changing on a cycle.

  • Who doesn't love naming their pets, right?

    • Set your Hummingbird name, see it flying around, or leave it off.


  • Why not share that experience with your friends? Send the TO-SHARE Hummingbird to your friends:

    • When bumped by your friends wearing the TO-SHARE Hummingbird, your Hummingbird will appear on top of your friend's head and then fly back to you.

  • This Hummingbird works with two different Animesh Hummingbird Attachments. If you are not a Second Life Premium user, you can still use this item, in both places, by using the Firestorm viewer with your RLV activated.

    • RLV Hummingbird (Head/Flying)

      • Attaches and Detaches by itself

How it Works?

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