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Ben's Monarch Butterfly - Animesh

Giving birth to ChrisTwo's creations is fantastic, but having the opportunity to design my kid's request is incredible!

  • With a cute *Animesh Flying Motion*, Ben's Monarch keeps flying beside you or on top of your head with its *Animesh Stand Motion*.

  • Choose from 4 different flying positions to where your Butterfly will stay at all times, or, stay for a couple of seconds during the cycle, passing through all steps.


Light Blue




Butterfly (4).png
Butterfly (7).png
Butterfly (2).png
Butterfly (1).png
Butterfly (6).png

Click Here to get teleported:

The product is now available In-Store


Butterfly (5).png


Butterfly (3).png

On Event


  • 11x Wing Colours
    Lock to a specific Model or use Auto to pass through all colours with a magical glow effect.

Our flying path is BENTO animated, so your Particle trail can always follow your Butterfly!

  • 6x Particle Trail that appears during the flying cycles.


You can choose your Butterfly's position

  • Keep Flying / On your Head or Auto, changing on a cycle

Who doesn't love naming their pets, right?

  • Set your Butterfly name and see it flying around, or leave it off.

Why not share that experience with your friends? Send the TO-SHARE Butterfly to your friends:

  • When bumped by your friends wearing the TO-SHARE Butterfly, your Butterfly will appear on top of your friend's head and then fly back to you.

This Butterfly works with 2 different Animesh Butterfly Attachments. If you are not a Second Life Premium user, you can still use this item, in both places, by using the Firestorm viewer with your RLV activated.

  • RLV Butterfly (Head/Flying)

   - Attaches and Detaches by itself

How it Works?

Video Tutorial: